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What type of tattoos do you offer?

We offer traditionally handpoked tattoos only at this time. Preference is given to clients that give complete artistic freedom via Intuitive Tattoos (#1 below), or Traditional Indigenous and/or Ancestral Markings (#2 below), with a minimum 3 hour session in either style. Please indicate which style of tattoo you are interested in as described below when sending your booking request email:

1. Intuitive Designs/Tattoos: These tattoos/designs are intended to assist clients with what they uniquely need to step into their highest potential in this lifetime. This allows us to honor the traditional methods of tattooing in which the tattooist chooses the design that is to be tattooed based off a person's life path and energy that will help increase their life force and reinforce their connection to their spiritual, physical, and emotional vessels. These designs are intended to heal, protect, empower, activate, connect, and more. The reading will determine the nature of the design and is available to anyone of any background. Sacred geometry is usually used for these tattoos. 

  • Deposits for these sessions are $150 (non-refundable) and include the results of the reading, to be explained and transferred during the session, or received as a PDF if the session must be canceled for any reason. 

  • Hourly Tattooing rates: $150/hr. Your deposit pays for your intuitive reading and unique design and does not apply towards your tattoo session.

2. Traditional Indigenous and/or Ancestral Markings: We work with our clients to create a tattoo that helps them connect with their ancestral roots, their medicine (such as an animal/element/etc.) or we will tattoo a traditional design that is from their ancestral culture.

  • Deposits: $150 non-refundable deposit, which covers the design fee for your ancestral or medicinal tattoo. If you are providing the ancestral design, the deposit is applied towards the total cost of your tattoo session. 

  • Hourly Tattooing Rates: $150/hr

How much do you charge?

The total price varies depending on the session and the time that it takes to do the tattoo. Hourly rates are $150/hour and a $150 non-refundable deposit is required. It is important to be aware that the handpoke tattoo method is much more time-consuming than the machine tattoo method, with a greater energy output required from the artist. It is comparable to hand-sewing vs. machine-sewing, and is a dot-by-dot process that requires both physical, cultural, and spiritual training. It is the most ancient of tattoo methods and is steeped in the cultural traditions that existed long before the inventions of electricity that made modern machine tattooing possible. Think of it as the ancestor of machine tattooing, and be prepared for the transformational experience that it offers. We believe in prosperity for our Indigenous communities and artists, not greed, so do not hesitate to express if you need to have an art budget set (for example: a maximum of a 2 hour session). However, we do require a minimum of a one-hour session for any tattoo, due to the time that it takes to complete even small markings. A trade and barter system is available only for those receiving traditional Indigenous facial tattoos, with the non-refundable deposit still being required (subject to approval). 

How soon can you get me in?

All artists at Thunderbird Rising Studios are booked out a minimum of 3 months in advance. Because of this, there will typically always be a wait time of 3 months or more BUT it will worth it. Make sure to follow our artists’ social media pages and subscribe to our email list for special availability.

What do I need to do to schedule my tattoo?

 A $150 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to book, payable only once your booking request has been approved and a booking date has been offered. 

When will I see my design?

Most of the time our designs are created the day or night before your appointment date. Please DO NOT message asking to see the design in advance – we require full trust in our ability to collaborate and create something that will express and assist with your unique journey for the rest of your life.

How do I tip my tattoo artist?

Tips are never expected, but ALWAYS appreciated. Personal thoughtful gifts are just as much appreciated as cash. 


What do I need to know to be prepared for my appointment?

  • Be well rested (get enough sleep the night before)

  • Eat a hearty meal prior to your tattoo appointment

  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated, both before, during, and after your appointment.

  • Shower before your appointment.

  • Please refrain from alcohol or non-medicinal drug use for a minimum of 3 days before your appointment (and know that all tattoo artists at Thunderbird Rising Studios practice sobriety as a way of life).

  • For traditional Indigenous facial tattoos, a 3 month minimum of sobriety is required (in respect of cultural traditions and to prepare you for the red road ahead that you are choosing to embark upon). 

  • Don’t apply anything to the area to be tattooed before your appointment.

  • Traditional medicines  (cedar and sage) will be used at the beginning of your session to smudge, or to cleanse and prepare, the area. Expect some smoke and aroma from this. 

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