"Thunderbird Rising"

by Stephanie Big Eagle

A memoir of re-connection, resilience, and empowerment.


"I know that I am not the only one who has survived against all odds. I’m not the only one who has graduated from the most challenging of warrior training grounds! I am not the only one who was once brainwashed, but who can now see through all of this insanity, and I’m not the only one preparing for the battle that has been building for generations upon generations! I know that I am just one of countless invisible others, but my voice will be heard!

In this memoir, I recount how much I’ve endured over my entire life, and on a greater scale, how much all Indigenous people have withstood for generations, and continue to!

Yet, against all odds, we are still here, and our prophecies of the time of reconciliation, and a return to a life of living in balance with one another, and Mother Earth, are being fulfilled!  This book is here to help us remember who we truly are as humanity, and to remind those who read it, to cling to that which gives us life and the strength to carry on, despite the war being waged against us!"


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