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This inspirational story of survival and empowerment is intertwined with countless resilient warriors who’ve also overcome the most poignant of challenges. Out of the darkness, we arise. We are not just survivors. We are Pathfinders. We lead the way into reconciliation and healing with our sacred Mother Earth. Guided by the white buffalo, our ancestors, and the prophecies of our Indigenous Nations, we are the children of the stars, and we remember who we are. It is time for all to unshackle their chains and realize their limitless, multidimensional powers. We are here to assist. We must stand in full truth, love, and connection because Mother Earth has begun her ascension. Soon, is our time to thrive, but first we must survive this time of chaos and confusion. "


This limited edition signed copy features an additional chapter to include new insights, experiences, and teachings gained since the book's original 2020 release. An unsigned version of the book, the eBook, and Hardcover copy (available on September 12, 2023) are available on Just search for "Thunderbird Rising."

Thunderbird Rising Limited Edition Signed Copy

  • This limited edition print will be signed by Stephanie Big Eagle and shipped to you.

  • This limited edition signed copy of Thunderbird Rising, A Memoir of Reconnection, Resilience, and Empowerment, features an additional chapter written in September 2023 with new insights, teachings, and experiences gained since its original release in 2020. May you create the beauty in the chaos! ~Stephanie Big Eagle

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