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It is a pleasure to share knowledge gained from experience, research, and interviews. This course is designed for tattoo artists interested in learning more about Handpoke Tattooing, and those interested in the Traditional practice without becoming a practitioner. It focuses on Traditional Handpoke Tattoo history from an Indigenous perspective, particularly from the tribes of Great Turtle Island (the Americas and Canada) and touches on international Traditional Tattoo teachings.


Taught by Stephanie Big Eagle (Dakota/Lakota/Nordic), the founder of Thunderbird Rising Studios, and an experienced Traditional Handpoke Tattoo artist and educator that is featured in Skindigenous, a 13-part documentary series that features Indigenous tattooing traditions around the world, which has aired on APTN, PBS, and more.


This course is 1 hour 30 minutes. The last 30 minutes is dedicated to a Q&A session where selected questions that were submitted in a chat during the live stream course on November 19, 2023 are answered.


Once you purchase this video, you will be sent a link to download the digital file by email that will give you access to the course.


Thank you and enjoy!

Traditional Handpoke Tattoo Introductory Course & Webinar

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